Rama Run Apk 4 Download (Unlimited Gold)

Rama Run (Apkmodded.com)

Rama Run Apk 4 Download (Unlimited Gold)
Overview: Sign up with the famous Rama in his mission to beat evil beasts around the globe.
Rama Run 4 apk is a top-down endless-shooter, playing in 4 different settings (stream, forest, volcano and castle) with distinct managers. Select your friends, Hanuman, Pipek or Palak, each with unique characteristics, collect coins and defeat foes by shooting your method via the different levels.
Grab valuable monkeys throughout the levels for additional fire energy. Upgrade your characters by spending coins in the store for better equipment or improve your capability tree. Go for a high score by defeating the runs via the increasing trouble levels easy, normal, hard and hell. Rama Run is motivated by the Hindu approach, focusing on the avatar Rama.
Rama Run 4 Apk is a project made by 3 trainees from Sripatum College at Arkavis for Arkavis Academy. The students made a complete game from start to finish in 2 months with the assistance of Arkavis staff.
Features of Rama Run 4 Apk Download (Unlimited Gold):
Completely free-to-play.
Top-down 3D shooter.
Four atmospheres with distinct bosses.
Update your equipment in the store.
Improve your abilities and your friends in the skill plant.
4 difficulty levels: Easy, normal, challenging and hell.
Requirements: 2.3+.
Rama Run Apk has banner promotions.
Rama Run Apk 4 Download (Unlimited Gold)
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