Free Download Game PES 2016 Update CSO / ISO terbaru- One game is sure to be the always anticipated for lovers psp games for android in the year 2016 is the latest pes 2016 ppsspp MTP, of course, who can uduh with a file size that is already high compress.
In the 2016 version of course, there are many new things such as updating the latest clubs, the better the quality charts. Well if we say that the better quality graphics course you imagine how good the quality of the graphics anyway ?? Meanwhile in the Game PPSSPP Pes 2015 has been good, so you will be spoiled your eyes with quality graphics.
So what's new in pes 2016 ?? For you who are curious please refer novelties contained in the latest pes 2016 game for android phone for free:

  •     Transfer players have been updated 1 September 2015
  •     Their new ball Model
  •     The new club
  •     Interface on the new Scoreboard
  •     New Jersey
  •     Available New Boot
  •     The graph on the players, especially the face increased quality
  •     And many more

If the following Detailed information about Content File Download PES 2016 Iso PPSSPP for Android:

  •     ROM PES 2016 Patch New Update
  •     Emulator for PPSSPP
  •     size 584MB
  •     ISO file format with SaveData

Well for those who want a look like what is the appearance of the game pes 2016 jepretannya please see the results below:


Save Data:

Admin is already the latest version update pes 2016 update player transfers, the new face of increasingly similar, courts and other features at: 
Who do not know how to install the game pes 2016 for psp play dihp android please refer to the following way:
  •     The game download and extract the game files in "sdcard / PSP / GAME" nah who do not know how to extract please read the tutorial How to Easily Extract File RAR, ZIP in Android 100% Work
  •     Extract also save data of the game pes 2016 "sdcard / PSP / SaveData"
  •     Now please open the PSP emulator for android and run the game
  •     Have a nice play

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