Dream of MON APK

Dream of MON

Dream of MON

Category :Action
Updated :2014-08-11
Version :1.0
Size :6.4MB
Requirements :Android 2.2 or higher

Dream of MON's Description

Do you know Doraemon? Do you know his favourite food? Yes, Doraemon is addicted to dorayaki and falls for any trap involving them In the game, Doraemon has a dream with dorayaki. A sweet and incredible dream. Your mission is to collect as many pancakes as possible. Simple gameplay but a lot of fun and challenging. Let's make Doraemon's dream come true Keywords: dream of mon, doraemon, doraemon love dorayaki, dorayaki, doremon, do re mon
Rencent changes:
 - Fixed bugs

Dream of MON's Screenshots

Dream of MON apk screenshotDream of MON apk screenshot

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