Dragon Academy APK

Dragon Academy

Dragon Academy

Category :Casual & Puzzle
Updated :2014-07-12
Version :1.0
Size :40.4MB
Requirements :Android 2.2 or higher

Dragon Academy's Description

Save the hatchling dragons in this FREE match-3 puzzle/adventure game. Feed your dragon with mystic runes to use their special powers and help them grow up!  The mischief-making Wobblins have eggnapped all of the Dragon Hatchlings as they were headed to Dragon Academy. Melty the Purple Dragon and his crew of misfit Dragons are on an adventure to save the Hatchlings and restore order to the beloved Dragon Academy. Through hundreds of puzzles, these Hatchlings will grow, evolve, and learn new powers as they complete a variety of challenging levels to capture and stop the Wobblin menace.  === FEATURES ===  - EASY TO LEARN, challenging to master, fun to play  - DRAGONS WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES like fire, lightning, ice, and sonic booms!  - LEVEL UP YOUR DRAGONS for bigger, more powerful abilities  - CREATE COMBOS that crush lots of runes at once  - OVER 150 PUZZLES means hours of fun for all ages  - UNLOCK NEW CHALLENGES like goo, vines, potions, walls, gates, and more  - THIRTEEN WORLDS to explore in beautiful hand-drawn maps in the saga to defeat the Wobblins  - COMPETE IN LEADERBOARDS against your Facebook friends on each puzzle  - GET POWERUPS for extra help on those tough puzzles  === FACEBOOK/TWITTER ===  Find us on Facebook and Twitter for tips, tricks, and the latest news:  twitter.com/dragons  facebook.com/dragonacademy  LET\'S GET THOSE WOBBLINS!
Rencent changes:
 - Fixed bugs

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