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Dota Legend

Dota Legend

Category :Cards & Casino
Updated :2014-07-31
Version :1.0
Size :103.69MB
Requirements :Android 2.2 or higher

Dota Legend

Dota Legend's Description

Its unique hand-held micro system, ultimate skill instantaneous release, give you a hitherto unknown combat experience! There are skills to interrupt, skill combination high order of play, full beyond the traditional card experience. Combat hero expression, true to life likeness, Q version of the hero to collect fun! Farewell brain without waiting, enhance the interactive experience, new stunning combat skills / deductive fingertip, a new era of the third generation Mobile Games! "Legend" knife tower game features, features, instant release skills, blood was a hand on the steering wheel, two characteristics, dynamic combat system, experience with combat experience, features three, team lineup with Jun collocation, experience the game pleasure, features four, award rich copy checkpoints, enjoy customs clearance bring a sense of accomplishment, features five, exquisite hero illustrated, illustration master himself, leading the game player into the art palace, features six, three-dimensional dynamic hero cards, show the hero's new position, features seven qualifying arena, passion, to show themselves in the game, over the top.
Rencent changes:
 - Fixed bugs

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Dota Legend


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