Subway Surfers World Tour Miami

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami

Subway Surfers child's game is the story of a little boy who likes to do naughty and who is not good because it makes the pictures with piloks on the train body. As happened in Indonesia, they actually creative with the paintings, only one expressed that they are not in place.

Police guard rail saw and tried to catch up with the guard dog. While to escape from the police and his dog. They do not want to give up and chase chasing each other, although in a dangerous place. Against the flow rate of a train consisting of three tracks. Things like this should not be done yes.

Even chase it up on the roof of the train. A jetpack package sometimes seen there, its function to fly. Smoke coming out of the jetpack colored like a rainbow so that such air force soldiers who were conducting attractions. Coin collection as much as you, as much as possible to not miss it one bit.

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