Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor


Sparta for the spoiled

★To get the Beginner's Pack, finish the tutorial, head over to the 'Limited' section of the shop, and pick the pack for free★
Life in Sparta was not for the spoiled: no TV, no sweets, no cool mobile games... Instead all they had was a strict diet, intense training, Greco-Roman wrestling and wearing skirts. Not a tempting lifestyle if you ask me.
Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor android, free with AppGratis - ScreenshotSpartan Wars: Empire of Honor saves you all that discipline and training as you become a rich Spartan ruler off the bat. Even so, you still have to found a prosperous city and you can only do it by being a good strategist, economist and warrior. Today you get a bonus pack valued at Rp193 783.40 for FREE.

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