How to install a game with cache? (FOR ANDROID)

General information about the cache
What is cache ?
Cache - a collection of files (textures , music, video , office files ) and folders needed to run the game . You can also say that it is the main component of the game . Usually the cache are games that have high resolution.

What does it do ?
Cache is needed to start and complete the work of the game. Suppose that the game , for example, a 1 GB would be in the form of one apk file , then your smartphone simply would not have enough internal memory to install it. Just due to the variety of iron : videuskoriteley , CPU , screen resolution , etc. , there are different assembly cache, and so in most cases under a certain cache individual phone . Choose your phone under the cache / platform.

There are situations that the game does not find the cache or something spool requests . This means that an incorrect path of the location of the cache. Necessary to verify the path where the cache is located . So , sometimes you need to run the game pass verification : the game dokachivaet unique files and writes the existing verification - spool files from the Internet via Wi-Fi.

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