Cheat City ville generator

1. You MUST log into Facebook and start the game CityVille.
2. Run the Hack.
3. Click ‘Connect To CityVille Database’ button.
3. Tick the options that you would like to hack . You may tick ALL of them as shown in the video
4. Click Start Hacking.
5. In a few minutes, the packet will be recorded by CityVille server and you will see changes to Cash, Coins, XP, Energy and Goods.
6. That’s it! Enjoy the GODLIKE status of your CityVille=)

Download this software to open the file

You MUST install PREHACKED FRAMEWORK 3.5 for the hack to WORK!!
part 1

part 2

If you have installed prehacked framework 3.5 and yet, the hack still does not work,please install PREHACKED FRAMEWORK 4

part 2

CityVille Hack Cheat Tool – Tested Working on;

a) Cash * SMOKING HOT*
b) Coins *SMOKING HOT*
c) Energy *INSANE HOT*
e) Goods  *INSANE HOT*

(Click Download button to start the Download)

Download Tutorial – Steps By Steps

Click here =>

Video Tutorial

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